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Okay, I know this is not going to be a popular opinion and I'm not going to make a lot of friends saying this, but I think that we Americans (including myself) are just plain spoiled! People in most other countries pay a lot more for gas than we can even relate to but you know what, they also find alternative means of transportation such as walking (oh, the horror!), biking, and using public transportation. I know so many people that refuse to resort to any of these...
Welcome to cake central! I've only been here a few months, but I love it!!!!
PolishMommy, are you talking about the right book? The CMD book has pictures of every single cake, that's one of the reasons that I love it so much! Maybe you missed them because they are at the beginning of the book rather than spread throughout. Almost every cake I make is out of this cookbook. So far, they are all great and have gotten great reviews. One of my favorites is the hummingbird cake and for a non-decorated dessert, try the gooey butter cakes. Yum!!
It looks like your off to a great re-start!Can you share some details on your painting technique? What materials are you using? Are you painting on buttercream or fondant? Your cakes look great!
Here's a link to directions for rolled buttercream.
Congratulations!! I've been admiring that picture since I joined CC this spring. It's one of my favorites (and one I doubt I could ever duplicate). You go girl!
I have to admit, I had my doubts about a plunger cake, but you pulled it off beautifully! Nice job! Can't wait to hear what his reaction is.
I made a couple more cakes out of this book last week so I thought I'd share the results (too bad I can't really share the results - they were tasty!). I made Susan's Lemon Cake last week with the lemon buttercream frosting. I didn't think the lemon cake was very lemony and the buttercream was too lemony but I think they balanced each other out! The cake was very moist and got good reviews. Since I am in Denver I did use sugar free gelatin which worked great. (that was...
Wow, I feel so lucky that I had a good experience with my classes now! I had a good instructor who knew how to do all of the techniques, was always on time and shared lots of her own tips. The Michael's staff wasn't very knowledgable like somebody else said but our instructor would walk us to the cashier and tell them what to do!!I would definitely complain to Wilton and Michaels about the classes and get a refund for the mess you had.
I can't remember if there's a peanut butter/chocolate cake but there's PB frosting that I used for a filling in a chocolate cake and it was great! There is also a chocolate CMD which may have it.
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