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Hello,I need help! I have always used the NFSC recipe from this website and loved it but last time I used it a couple of weeks ago the cookies spread into unrecognizable blobs. I switched today to the Wilton sugar cookies recipe and that is spreading as well. Any ideas as to what is causing this or what I can do about it? The only thing I can think of is that my butter is too soft. Could that cause it? I always leave the butter on the counter for a little while to...
Hi everyone,I have just started working with fondant and purchased some of Wilton's pre-made stuff at JoAnn's. I cannot find an expiration date anywhere on the box or interior package. Is the stuff like a twinkie and will be good for centuries? I have unopened packages and one that I used a bit of two weeks ago and then sealed back up. Is it still good? I looked on Wilton's website and couldn't find anything.Thanks for any help!PS. this is for personal use, not...
Hi everyone,I just made my first ever fondant figures last night and left them to dry before putting them on the cake later today for a party tomorrow night. My sister asked this morning what I am going to do to keep them from drying out too much and cracking. Is there something I need to do to prevent this? I would hate for them to crack before the party! If it matters, I am in Denver where it is especially dry. I am adding a picture so you can see what I made in...
I've never had this problem but I've been told that if you get any grease in the RI it won't harden (such as not having the bowl completely clean etc). I would think that it would take longer with high humidity and heat but should still harden.
If you put dry beans in the bottom of the container it weighs it down so it won't topple over and holds the cookie sticks in place. I put them in then put foam on top and then hot glue that shredded paper stuff on top to decorate it. Works great!
Thanks for sharing this recipe!
I agree the half butter, half shortening tastes much better and is just as easy to work with.
That is incredible!!
It's a scientific fact that prayer works so you should be in good shape with all of the folks here at cake central praying for you! Take care of yourself and keep us updated on your progress.
I agree! It's so hard to bake in somebody else's kitchen. Things NEVER taste the same. I used to try to help mother-in-law out and bake for her when we visited but I've never once had something come out great. It doesn't make much sense but it makes a big difference to have your own stuff.
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