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This one was the first "seriously" decorated cake: this is the last one, done in September for my granddaughter's Christening: learned a lot, I mean really a lot being a CakeCentral member. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge, tips and tricks and photos.
Here is Lindy Smith's comment about this cake on her blog: "...but this one by Song Eun Sook was definitely the most impressive. It looked as if each piece of fur had been rolled by hand – how long did that take…?" Lindy Smith is someone who knows a lot about cake decorating - that's for sure. Absolutely amazing technique!!!
I agree it must be a question of timing. My last four cakes barely stayed 10 minutes on the Most Recent Photos gallery. I thought there might be some interesting ideas I've used while decorating them, so I wanted to share the pictures one more time with my fellow...
Because of some reason the picture of this cake’t show up at all in the “Newest Cake Decorating Cake†gallery. It was a big hit at the BD party and I think it could be a good idea for a groom’s cake too. The same had happened with this baby shower cake – I thought it was cute you for looking.
I made two baby shower cakes recently. They came out pretty cute. Here they are:
My avatar is the picture of birthday cake I made for my DH two years ago. I used color flow to make floral pattern.
You are very welcome Indydebi. So many times I have found the mini cake question on the forum and I was very happy when I visited this site. I am sure this can be very helpful.
Here is the site where you can find various mini cakes with It confirms it is not worth making them for less than $10! HTH
The link that reesesob gave you should be very helpful for you. I was following these CC instructions and finished my very first Topsy-Turvy cake just yesterday. You can check it in my photos.
You can't go wrong with this. I allways do the same if a recipe calls for butter and sugar.
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