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I am trying something new and have some questions...hoping someone out there has some answers for me. I am making a swimming pool cake and I need to make a "splash". My question is does piping gel break down Royal Icing? Also, does RI come off of foil? I am molding the "splash" basically trial and error style so if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.
I already have gotten two more orders within the week of doing the fish cake, basically from word of mouth. This is a small town and everybody basically knows spreading like wildfire! I love it! Hee hee. Thank you all for your comments as well. This has given me so much confidence that I apparently didn't have before and I feel like I can conquer the cake world now!
Something else, it seems different people have different ideas on how big a full sheet cake is. My understanding is that it would be 2, 12x18 cakes butted up together...does that sound right? It makes for an awful big cake.
Ok, that definately helps, thanks again.
Thank you all. I have another newbie question. Several of you say I should have added a layer, however I intentionally didn't as I was trying to stay at about 45 servings. My question is, when you guys do sheet cakes, do they typically have 2 layers, even if they are a full sheet? I just always thought they were typically single layer. I have seen some torted with filling...but not a whole second layer. I have to do a sheet cake in a few days, so I guess that would...
Well, unfortunately, I am in the same boat in regards to pricing cakes. I just did some research on how to figure and charge for cakes and of course everyone does it differently. Anyway, I have done a couple full sheet cakes and my figuring led me to $112 on mine....which is what you came up with. It also depends what kind of elements you have on the cake. Mine had some tricky artwork I was working with, but no 3D type elements, and no fondant. I don't know if that...
I live in a fairly small town north of Gulfport, MS and you have to drive 40+ minutes to get anywhere that has shopping. The only bakery we have is at Walmart, lol. Someone who saw this cake says she drives about an hour to a bakery to get a specialized cake, so she is definately interested. People here are practical, yet there is definately a market for a specialty cake shop that is definately in my favor.
I really appreciate your help. That's a lot of money to charge for a cake. Maybe I could get that in a big city, but I just don't see people in Mississippi paying that kind of money for a cake. I am not sure I could even charge half of that.Where is it that you live that you can charge that much for a cake like this?
12x18 single layer with 6" double layer on top. Probably about 45 servings.
I did this cake for a friend, but it generated some possible business for me and I am just getting started. Everyone told me I could charge $300 for this, but when asked...none of them would spend that much, but knew people that would. I am one of those that wouldn't spend that much, but I also know how much time and effort goes into a cake like this. Any suggestions would be great, plus any ideas on how you guys figure your prices would be great as well.
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