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Posts by giraffe11 about the Arc de Triomphe? I have made stand-up chocolate transfer statues before, from internet pictures, and they turn out pretty fun! Of course, you have to know Richmond to recognize my statues, but the local crowd was quite enamored of them.
I have never gotten a catalog. The molds are fabulous though. I don't think I have any cakes on here where I used them......oh, yeah I have one. The Halloween one. The tombstones are from their molds and choc. candy clay. You can't tell from the pic, but they even had cracks and skulls and inscriptions on the tombstones. So much little detail and so easy to do. They may be more than you want for this purpose, but I recommend them highly.
That has been my only chocolate cake for years. It is so completely no-fail! But I am still kinda hoping that the results of this scratch-off will get me to try something new......just for the novelty of it. Then again, you are right. It is less expensive to make than many, so maybe I'll have to keep it.
I have gotten several food-safe molds for all manner of things (people too) from first impressions molds. (Put all the words together and add the traditional dotcom) and used them with candy clay. You could also use gumpaste, etc...... easy, peasy!editted to add that they have directions there as well.
Yes, but it won't let you change back to your previous name, b/c the system already has that name on a "taken" list. So, your old name is taken and unavailable, even if it is was previously taken by you. I have this problem as well! I would love to take my old name back.
Thanks for your help. I am going to try a different recipe tonight! I have to make cupcakes for the daycare. Kind of funny to waste SMBC on daycare toddlers, who would just as much like the American BC (or maybe prefer it!), but that is what I'm experimenting with, so that is what I am going to do.
What makes you decide to put shortnening in ,vs all butter? Do you do it for heat reasons? Taste reasons? Cost reasons? Just randomly?Thanks
Yes, the dessicants probably would help with the problem and little packets of them are available from some of the online baking supply stores, food safe and everything. I haven't tried them.The only problem would be that they are not an inexpensive option.It's a good idea though, especially for shipping. Of course at home, it's easier and cheaper to just set them out on the table! I am always hoping that someone on here will have the perfect answer.......
I have not found a way to keep them from going soft, even when dried well and put in air-tight containers. I do know that soft cookies will ahrden up again if you leave them out for a while. (As long as you live in a non-humid climate OR have central air.) That doesn't really help with shipping and such though.
I made an SMBC, 1 1/2 c sugar, 6 egg whites, 5 1/2 sticks of unsalted butter, and 6 oz semisweet chocolate. I made a vanilla one this morning with slightly different ratios, but similar. I'm just not completely sold on all of the butter......How would you add shortening into it? T the same time as the butter? With the same technique?
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