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Yes, totally illegal in NJ and being on the news is not going to help her stay "under wraps". You admire the spirit, but if they decide to fine her, she'll lose a good chunk of the profits she's been working for. Maybe the publicity will get someone to help her out though. Stranger things have happened.....
It looks awesome with the feather. But is it OK to put real feathers on food? Not a judgement.....I am just wondering what people think about that. In any event, I do really think the feather pulls your design together. Cool cake.
I use them almost exclusively. Service is great and prices are very competitive.
[quote="diane706"]OOOHH!! Must we be so harsh to the OP? She admitted that she "Messed Up" and "I apologized so many times". Good God Almighty people!! Yes, she should give a significant refund but don't FLAME her!! The above was quoted. The below is my response..... (I specify, b/c the quote within a quote doesn't work well on CC.....Why is it a flame to say that if you were a customer you wouldn't make another order? If I was the customer, the only way I would even...
Yes, I use candy colors for all of the melts and candy clay......but does the almond bark take the color well? Do you just use the same basic candy clay recipe? Or are you just melting it and pouring it in, instead of making it into candy clay? Thanks
littlecake: How does the almond bark take color? I have been using wilton melts to make my candy clay, but the bark would be cheaper.
That's an interesting idea.......testing with a thermometer.
I am not a coffee drinker, but still can not taste the coffee in the cake. I usually use brewed coffee, but sometimes use instant crytals too. I get my caffeine from Diet Coke! (bad, I know) and sometimes tea.....oh, and chocolate! I never did like the taste of coffee.
I don't know. I assume the Wicked Wanda variation was an attempt to make the cake less moist. (or maybe just save some calories? but why would you bother? ) Sometimes it is so moist it is almost wet (not quite, but almost). However, one of the things I like about the black Magic cake is that it is nearly impossible to overbake. And yes, I have baked it too long a few times, just by accident, but it still always comes out great.....moist and tasty. So....I wonder if...
Black magic has 1.3 oz more oil.....Wanda's calls for 1/3 cBlack Magic calls for 1/2 cThat is the only difference.
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