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Are you trying to do cookies or cake? The video at the designer stencils site is useful. She actually uses a trowel, but you can get the same effect with an offset spatula. I have finally figured out how to do them well for cookies (most recent pic), but it took me several tries. It is all in the correct consistency of icing and in how you "trowel" across the design. You want to apply all the icing in your first pass, b/c if you have to go back, it will likely mess...
The whimsical bakehouse. Just google it and you will find her site. I've done several of her cakes.
Thanks so much for all of the replies. I had no idea there were so many options, but of course I should have guessed, right? Always a dozen ways to solve the problem. I ended up using a tiny bit melted white candy coating and a little brush, but it turned out a little sloppy and I haven't looked at them yet today.Thanks again! I will try some of these ideas out today when I make my next batch.
OK. I have never played with fondant before and I am making little characters for my son's birthday cake and I just need to know the best way to stick the various components together. I was sticking them with a tiny bit of water, but only with limitted success. Should I be using something else? Thanks.Heather
I use Antonia's too....and people love it. I don't get any of the complaints that you usually get from royal icing. I pretty much hate the NFSC recipe though...I just think it doesn't taste very good. (I know....sorry! )I have my own no-fail recipe....well, not my own actually....I got it out of a cookie book. I only point this out as an illustration . As others have said, you have to just give it a try and see what you like the best. Everyone on here has their own...
I have always used regular drinking straws......get them at Kroger for $1.00 a box. I've been using them for years actually, since long before people started talking about bubble tea straws. I have done up to 3 tiers high with these and no problems. The bubble tea straws are pretty and trendy, but other straws work fine too. Just make sure you cut off the bendy section.
I sure will. I may be experimenting this weekend. I have a birthday and a wedding coming up at the beginning of October, so I am probably going to do a practice run of some of those cookies.
Ha ha.......I would rather look at cakeballs than toilets as well!
Thanks, I'll give it a try.
I have some white satin ice, but I have never used it before. I just picked up a small tub the last time I was at the supply shop.
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