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I am going to go ahead try all three chocolate methods...... starting with the chocolate wafers. (So cute, your Santa cookies.....I am going to make balloons!) I have to make chocolate transfers more son's birthday cake anyway, so that will be a perfect time to try the cookies as well. Thanks to everyone. I'll eventually post pix of the three methods, so you can see how I did! lol
Thanks for the quick answers already. Now I have some more questions for y'all:Jeanene -- this is basically like making a chocolate transfer on your cookie instead of on parchment, right? Do you have to do anything special to get the chocolate to stick to the cookie? KHalstead -- again, will the chocolate just stick on its own? Or do you have to "stick it" with something?SweetDreamsAT -- I assume you are tempering the chocolate before you add it to the ganache? Do you...
Please help the newbie and tell me what IM stands for? I have figured out most of the abbreviations.......but not that one. Thanks, Heather
I would love to have a good recipe for a cookie decorating icing that tasted a bit like chocolate ganache. Does anyone do this? Thanks, heather
I think this is just another example of failings in the bureacracy of the state (and I work for the state of VA, so I guess I can complain about the inadequacies! ) I think they told you incorrectly though, b/c as it has been explained to me many times....... prepared food and convenience food is sold with the 5% tax....even if you don't prepare it on site. Raw and unprepared foods from the grocery are taxed at 2.5%This makes some sense, really. Often a caterer...
Has anyone tried and had luck with the trans-fat-free shortening, either for baking or decorating?I have a lot of health-conscious people asking me about shortening in cakes and cookies lately.........Thanks, Heather
Thanks for all of the helpful links and comments. I can't wait to look around on the site more. I am excited about getting ready for my little guys 1st birthday. I still have a couple of months to practice! And I'll definatey post some pics.Heather
I am new to all of this and have just been making cakes and cookies for family and friends so far. I found this site via a web search and am loving all of the info, but can anyone clue me into some of the appreviations?I got RI, but what is NF, NFSC, MMF.....?Also, does anyone know what "white velvet cutouts" refers to?One more all fondant as nasty tasting as Wilton? I love the look of fondant, but the taste of it is least the Wilton's...
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