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Thank you, Thank you! Those aren't the exact picture I saw, but they are definitely the same design. Very cute.
I saw a pic online several weeks ago and I thought it was on CC. But after several gallery searches, I can't find maybe someone else knows what I am talking about. They were pink flowers......daisies maybe.....and the center of the flower was a baby's face. And the face was outlined with nice piped white and pink cute!I would really love to see them again. Has anyone seen these? Either on CC or elsewhere?Thanks for any help available!
What color do you all generally use to make flesh tone? And don't say "flesh tone" lol b/c the one I have is very coppery and looks like someone with fake-tan-in-a-can. There has to be another way.........pale pink and peach? I dunno.Thanks if you have a suggestion.
Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely had nowhere near 50% gumpaste in my fondant.Can you tell me what the biggest differences are between using a 50/50 mix of fondant/gumpaste vs MMF with tylose?
The first time I tried to make 3-D characters, I used fondant with a tiny amt of gumpaste mixed in. They were really cute, but after I set them aside to dry........I guess the fondant was too soft, because they kind of sank and spread. Usually, when I see great figures on CC, the pic description just says "all figures and decorations fondant" or something like that. But is this true? Do other people have stiffer fondant? (I used Satin Ice) Or is it common practice...
As I think someone mentioned earlier. Walmart is carrying the globe sodas. As far as plastic ornaments, they are available at Michaels or Ben Franklins or other craft stores.......not necessarily food safe though, if it matters.We are having these (snowglobe cupcakes) for our Christmas Eve get together with my inlaws.
Transfat free crisco takes the coloring as well as the original, as far as I can tell. Are you sure the Sweetex won't take the coloring?
So the concensus is...........3 days? That the cookies would still taste fresh for ~3 days after wrapping? How do people deal with shipping orders, if that is the window? I am not shipping orders.....I just do cookies for friends and family on occasion. But just wondering?
........your decorated cookies could be considered "fresh". I am talking about after you decorate them, let them try 24-48 hours, and individually pkg them in cello. I have been making mine so that they are packaged within a day of when they will be eaten.......but that is becoming super hard to do with life going on and holidays a'comin......How many days would you still think they taste great?
Love your shoe rack. I have mine in the small plastic "shoe boxes" with a label on the front telling which ones are Easter, Halloween, Flowers and bugs, Animals, etc..........
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