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I am just a hobby baker, but I love to do stacked cakes for friends and family. I understand the hassle of trying to get expensive parts back from customers, but I will not have that issue. Are there any other problems with the system. It looks easy and super sturdy. I am considering getting a small set of squares and circles. Any insight would be very appreciated! Thanks, Heather
Just to mention.......I used this icing and the WBH chocolate transfer ideas on several of my cakes in photos.....and also several with my own tranfer designs. I mention this b/c someone said earlier that they couldn't get vivid colors and I have never really had a problem with this when I wanted vivid colors. I do think the coloring works better if you use hi-ratio shortening and that the colors tend to bead up/stay suspended more if you use traditional shortening. I...
I use the house buttercream a lot. It is light and not so, so sweet as some. I do find it a little hard to work with if you are going to do a lot of piping, b/c it doesn't do well at all with the heat of my hands. I am able to work around it, but I have to keep two bags going and alternately put them in the refrigerator to keep any shape ar all. Still, the taste and texture are quite popular and it is easy to smooth.
As a couple others have mentioned, I love country kitchen sweet art. Their selection is great, prices are reasonable and they have THE BEST customer service!!!! Quick shipping and I am never disappointed. I have also used kitchenkrafts and fancy flours and they are fine as well. Selection is more limitted and prices are not as good.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I have only tried figures a couple of times, but I have been going at it completely blind and with only marginal success. This will help a lot!
Wow. I'm kind of surprised that no one has tried it. I can only find it available in 50 lb quantities, so I was hoping someone had tried it before I got 50 lbs! But maybe I'll just go ahead and bite the bullet. It probably can't be any worse than trans-fat free Crisco. Then I can report back and fill everyone else in.
I am interested in using it for my frosting. I prefer high ratio, but I would really like to avoid trans fats if it doesn't make a terrible difference. Thanks!
Thanks for posting. I've always been a "scratch" girl and now I have several new cakes to try. Good thing I have two hungry toddlers and DH to help me eat all of this cake!
RI decorated cookies will be soft if left in an air-tight container. They will become more crunchy if left out. If put back into an airtight container, more soft, etc....... I actually like to leave mine out and have them on the crunchy side! The RI itself dries hard, not the cookie. Antonia74's RI recipe, which is what a lot of folks on here use, will dry shiny and hard enough to stack, but not hard enough to hurt your teeth. Some RI's too become very hard. I have...
All of your cakes are so much fun!!! I always make my own birthday cake too....and I can try something new! or a new flavor or whatever.....Here is my 40th:, I couldn't get it to show up here in the message!)Anyway, Happy Birthday Y'all!
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