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HiWhat you need to do is go on www.wilton.comthen on the left hand side of the screen you wantDecorating Techniques - then - Basic Decorating Tech - then -- under the heading - Buttercream - scroll down until you find rosette. Good instructions and pictures.Hope this helps
Hi as a Wilton Instructor - Yes you want to take the First Course. There is a lot of information and even though you all ready do cakes as sweetcakes said you can learn something. I always suggest that to anyone who ask, do I really need the first course, I know how to make roses? Well you may but there is so much more to the class. And if you take other courses it is not fair to the other students who have taken the course for someone to take up the instructors time...
This is really neat. But is there anything like this on the east coast?
OK Sunflower - You YOUNG CHICK go to the mirror and smile at that person and wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Then she will smile back at you do wish you the same. SMILE SMILE SMILE - Have a very Happy Birthday............
sweetcakes THANKS for the site.
sweetcakesAdams ?????? do you have their website address?Thanks
Here is a question? Are these flavorings clear in color? And if not what do you do if you need a white frosting.? THanks
Antie G please cancel my PM and here is my - also in need for your instructions.
Here is my banana cake recipe and it never fails and I bake it on Wednesday or Thursday and is just fine by Saturday or Sunday iced of course.Banana Cake1 - yellow box mix3 - ripe bananas ( mash in bowl with mixer)1 - cup milk3 - eggs1 - teaspoon baking powderMash bananas in your mixing bowl quicker. Then add the rest and mix for 2 minutes and place in your pans and bake. I use regular buttercream on my cakes. If you can find clear raspberry flavoring it is...
Hi I'm from Shamokin, PA about 1 hour's drive North from Harrisburg. And any of you who heard of been to Knoebels Amusement Park. I'm 15 minutes there and also work there.
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