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Those are all good suggestions. First thing I thought of was mini beer shots lol (love those things)
What about freezing it? I have that situation coming up in August and that's what I'm going to do:grin:
If my cake doesn't shrink enough, I'll help it shrink with a knife. Not a lot just a little bit, sometimes just the spots that show through on the frosting.
Its hard to know what she has and doesn't have.. sometimes my friends do this for me and they will bring me big bags of bakers groceries. Flour, sugar (all kinds) chocolates chips and different chocolates, nuts, cupcake liners, etc. I could go on and on. When they do this, I am always appreciative, because it is stuff I will always use and it adds up fast.
I like to use a crusting buttercream for that.
I was looking to purchase silver leaf and was looking for opinions on if it is easier to work with if its on sheets or loose. Hate to buy it then figure out I should have gotten the other one. Thanks
I love the cake lace,I haven't tried sugar veil so I can't compare the two. I can say tho instructions are to put in a warm oven to oven doesn't go that low so I just dry at room temperature for a few hours, and that works beautifully. And I one of them I got is the premade silver,loved not having to mix and have perfect consistency but wasn't impressed (my opinion) with the color for that one.
If your using mff don't switch to mmf just yet. Get more practice with mff first, I personally prefer that over mmf. Cazza had good advice too.
My first thought was of sugarshack's recipe too. With powdered creamer mixed with hot water.
Fun thread, everyone has super cool cakes!!!
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