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I can't remember who did a video tutorial on this, and not sure if I can explain with text.... I make my ball, maybe a tiny bit bigger than I need, then work it like everyone else has explained. With any cracks left after that I keep working/pulling that crack toward the bottom of the ball until eventually you have a tail that you keep pulling and smoothing till it breaks off. Then roll it around to make it round again. Maybe someone knows of this method and can explain...
I think it was being in air tight . If I want to seal up dried fondant or gum paste pieces for storage, I put a couple desiccant packets in the container. Just my thoughts:-) .
I've never had that happen with cake lace. I've always used it right after mixing, but I've always just let it air dry. I bought their knife thing, I much prefer my small offset spatula.
I put the wire rack on top of my cake pan then flip the whole thing. Once I take the pan off, I usually take another wire rack put it on that and re-flip it right side up, so when it cools its where I want it to be to torte and trim the top.
That's awesome. What's the texture once it dries, like candy clay? Little softer? Still pliable? Just wondering.. that could have tons of uses if is nice to work with.
Most of the time I use the one on the Hershey cocoa can, but I am so going to try the double chocolate layer cake recipe posted in that link.. looks and sounds delish!!
I want to do a cake with a separator like that. What kind of cake board do you use for the cake sitting on the smaller foam separator? I did a practice cake and used a regular cake circle and that obviously wasn't sturdy enough as the icing on the sides slid.
Those are all good suggestions. First thing I thought of was mini beer shots lol (love those things)
What about freezing it? I have that situation coming up in August and that's what I'm going to do:grin:
If my cake doesn't shrink enough, I'll help it shrink with a knife. Not a lot just a little bit, sometimes just the spots that show through on the frosting.
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