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I use Betty Crocker or Ducan Hines with an instant pudding packet added. My cakes always turn out great. They do take about 10-15 minutes longer to bake because of the pudding but I just keep checking for the cake to spring back when I touch it and then I take them out. I use 1 1/2 boxes for the Wilton quarter sheet pan. I use a Pampered chef bowl to mix the mixes the first time so I know how many cups they make so I will have enough for the pan. Good luck to you! I love...
Where do I get an airbrush kit? Does it have to be made for cake decorating or not? What Brand and model do you use? Is it OK to buy them used?? Thanks for your help!!!!
Try using vanilla extract.
Here are a couple I have done. I don't think I am awesome like some of the others but I am creative or someone else on CC was creative and I copied them SpongeBob - All BC client said I nailed a masculine cake for her son: client I did a girlie cake for her daughter, this was what one of the girls on the...
I am also turning 30 in July and kind of dreading it. I was planning on celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday. I love the pink, white and black cakes that have been done on this site they are totally girlie and I would just put "29 forever" on the cake And of course white, pink and black decorations. Good luck! You can tell her I said Happy Birthday at the party and I am dreading mine too
Based on the pictures you posted I would buy a cake from you. You will only get better and better with practice so the more cakes so do the better
50 and Fabulous!50 and still Fabulous!
Have the Cooks Mixer too and it is awesome!!! I make 2 batches of Crusting Buttercream in it will no problems. I will have to try 4 when I get home. It also works great making MMF. I vote for Cooks!!! of free information - this lady is good!!!This is an awesome website, it tells you how to take baby steps to change your habbits and it really works.
I would tell her you need to know tomorrow how many people it is for and she needs to pay you in full by Friday, that way there is no misunderstanding about the cost. If she doesn't want to pay you for the product and time then let her get a cake from Wal-Mart. There are other cheaper options of course they won't be as nice or taste as good but if she can't afford a cake from you sorry. It sounds like she just wants to bargain you down and then tell the recipient of the...
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