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Reposted from Icing Smiles on FB:       URGENT NEED FOR BAKER: Pfafftown, North Carolina (Winston Salem area), we are need of a baker for a FUN cake this Friday, November 16th. The cake is for a little girl suffering from Mitochondrial Disease. She is turning 8 and has requested a My Little Pony cake. The family may be able to meet to pick up the cake. If you are available, please contact Janet at as soon as possible.
One other thing I learned the hard way - bake the cookies on parchment paper! I bake with the sticks in but was having a terrible time with the cookies sticking... until I used the parchment paper.
I have not made the chocolate SMBC yet, though I will be trying it. I usually whip chocolate ganache when I want to frost cupcakes with chocolate, but I use the SMBC for everything else.I am wondering if your issue is that you are using chocolate chips? There are added ingredients in the chips so that they don't lose their shape when baking. So while you can melt them down to liquid, the other ingredients may be solidifying once they cool and causing you issues.Not sure...
So they are losing $45 per coupon X the 470 coupons they've sold so far = $21,150 in the hole. OUCH!!
I don't have an edible image printer, but if I decide to get one - I can tell you I will be looking to work with Icing Images just based on your responses in this post! What great customer service! Unfortunately you are a rare breed these days.Well done!!!
For SMBC I use a 1 - 2 - 3 recipe. 1 part egg whites to 2 parts sugar to 3 parts butter. So it would look like this: 4 ounces egg whites 8 ounces sugar 12 ounces butterNot sure of the proportions for IMBC.I do agree that the flavoring needs to be strong and I also think that it should be served at room temp. If it's cold it won't taste right.
sillywabbitz, do you know if the buttercream dvd will help for non-crusting buttercreams such as swiss meringue? It says for crusting... but I usually make smbc now. Does it show you how to get things smooth before it's crusted or only after?
I made a cake once with a "stained glass" cross on top. It's in my pics. I can send instructions if you are interested.
I don't know, but you could freeze it if you won't need it for a little while.
Perhaps a link to the picture would help?
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