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How do I keep my poured sugar Jewels from becoming tacky? I am using Venuance pearls and microwaving them in a silicone bowl. They harden up but with our florida humidity the turn soft and sticky by the next day. Can i get any better results with using straight Isomalt and cooking it twice. Thanks for any help/
I notice when I use my airbrush, the inside of my nose is always the color I have sprayed, when I blow it. I am wondering if there is any harm in getting these food colorings, into your respiratory system? I am concerned since we use the airbrush, everyday at work with no booth or ventilation system.
I have a large container of piping gel. It is suppose to be clear, but is about 3 years old. It has turned to an orange tint. Should I dare use it on a dummy that I am going to cover with White Fondant? Will the color bleed through?>thanks for your help....
Thanks for all the advice. I am going to try and clean the roller thoroughly and try again. Does anyone ever use a damp towel to clean off the rollers?I find trying to scrap the dried gumpaste off with a toothpick very teadeous/Can't wait to get rolling!*&%
I purchased a Kitchenaid pasta roller to make the gumpaste flowers we learned in class. I am having a terrible time rolling the dough, I was hoping for some tips. When I put the gumpaste through, it does not come out cleanly. The gumpaste seems likes it is sticking and comes out ruffled. I have tried setting the machine on 1 though 6, although it comes out better on the thicker setting, it still does not come out cleanly. I am using Wilton packaged gumpaste and it seems...
Thank you for your help. This is my first big show of a cake, non family/friends. Nervous.
Morning! I want to put gumpaste flowers on a Chocolate buttercream frosting. Do I need to worry about the grease from the buttercream discoloring or softening the dried gumpaste flowers. Thanks for your responses.
This is real simple. Go to your local Fabric Store, buy a yard of Black Velvet and/or grey Satin. Adhere these to a large piece of cardboard, Fold the cardboard in half. Place your cake on the bottom and the backdrop against something else, Now you have a beautiful cake on a piece of velvet, noting else in the way.
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