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You can get a nice royal blue color by using the Wilton royal blue gel food color. You'll have to use a lot to get the color, but it turns out nice.
Attached are 2 pictures of train sets I made from fondant. One was made with the store bought Wilton primary colors fondant (picture 2) and the other is made with fondant I made (picture 1). My question is does anyone know how to get the deep blue color of Wilton's store bought fondant? I thought is was a royal blue, so I bought Wilton Royal Blue gel color. I put a ton of color in my fondant, blue I did not get the same color blue.Any suggestions would be greatly...
I am using fodant that I have already made. Wouldn't adding cocoa powder now change the consistency? I am not covering a cake with this, I am using it for a figure, so I don't need a big amount.
I am trying to color white fondant. I need it to be a dark chocolate color. I have tried adding a little bit of forest green to the brown, but it's only a light brown--at best. Does anyone know what colors I need to use to achieve the color I want?
Thanks Ingo and JustToEatCake. I may be making a purchase very soon.
I looked at the website and almost ordered the cupcake package and then thought--will I need to buy a special coupler for these tips, or can they be dropped in the bag and used alone? Does that make sense? If so, does anyone have the answer?
Thank you all for the nice comments and the tips for improvement. I really appreciate them. I know it's a matter of practice. Maybe some day we could talk Lorraine in to doing a tutorial for how she does hair.Gabitusm - Lorraine McKay (known as aine2 on CC) has step by step tutorials for sale on her website. They are well worth the money.
I am trying to get back in to making people figures. I used a current tutorial from Lorraine McKay for making the faces look more realistic, but I don't think I hit the mark. What do you think--is the nose too big for this baby's face? Also, is there anyone out there who is as skilled as Lorraine that can give tips on how to "style" hair with fondant? I am all thumbs when it comes to that.
I am no expert in this, but when I make my figures, I mainly use fondant by itself. My understanding is that when fondant and gumpaste are mixed or when you add tylose, it makes the fondant mixture dry quicker. I don't work fast enough, so I use fondant by itself so it allows me more time to tweek what I don't like. I just make sure hat I make things several days in advance so there is enough drying time. I hope that helps.
I use the generic store brand because it still has the trans fat in it.
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