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I use "ice" water to smooth out my cakes. Alot of people use warm or hot water but that just seems to melt the buttercream icing and the ice water seems to firm it up and make it easier to smooth out. Good Luck
I am making a wedding cake that is iced in buttercream but I want to pipe with royal icing design so that I can paint it when it dries. Does anyone know if the royal icing will hold to the buttercream or is there a chance it will fall off? Thanks for your help!!
I want to make a wedding cake with fillings between the layers. Does this mean that the cake will have to be refrigerated? I'm new to fillings...please help! Thanks!!
Thanks so much for the ideas everyone. By the way it is not a gay wedding it is just a cake ordered for a male co-worker at a bank that is getting married to a woman. I think I'll go with the ball and chain idea.
I have a request to make a 10" round cake with a wedding shower theme for a man. I don't have any idea what to do. Any help will be appreciated.
I have 2 horse cakes in my photos. They were for really little girls. They probably wouldn't work for someone older.
I keep getting request for 3-d cakes off of other websites. I just got a request off a site that said $500 minimum order. People act like I'm crazy when I say my 3-d cakes start at $80. Please tell me am I crazy or are they just really cheap?
I have a request to make a cake for a 90 y/o lady that collects dolls. It needs to be on a 12" round cake. Thanks SO much for ANY ideas!!!
I never sift...whose got the time. Just run the mixer a little longer and all of the lumps come out.
I need an idea for a welcome baby cake for a father of 5. His employees are ordering it for him. They really want something kind of funny. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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