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Wow, something that's very close to my heart. I have been a rodeo cowgirl all of my life, so maybe I can help you out. What I would do is I would go to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo homepage and find a picture of a barrel racer. Once you locate a picture I would use that to do a fbct or something to that nature. You could also write "turn and burn" somewhere next to the picture(slang term) if you want to. I hope this helps! Please post a picture, I'm always...
You know what I'm going to start telling people, "cheap cakes are not good and good cakes are not cheap!" Some people are always trying to get something for nothing!
I also top out at about 4 cakes/week, I have just started awhile ago so the word is still getting out. But, if I start getting more than that I would really need to get some help with my two girls, one just turned two and the other is nine months. All of you are such an inpiration, just when I start thinking it would be easier to give up, you all keep me going!
Hello! I have a crusting cream cheese recipe, that I got from cgys. It calls for butter and shortening. I don't know if that would help, but if you need it you could p.m. myself or cgys. As far as how butter crisco would alter the taste, I don't know! You could always make a trial batch and see what it tastes like! Hope that helps!
Hi there! I did a Madagascar cake with royal icing palm trees. I used straight pretzel rods for the bottom. I got the idea from the new Wilton year book. If you can find it, it has some really cute jungle things in it!
I'm sorry I guess I should've explained a little better. I like the crusting buttercream(faux fondant), because you can smooth it to look like fondant but still tastes like buttercream. I haven't ventured to try the mmf yet, I'm a little nervous about trying something new!
I agree, I think it tastes awful. I haven't had anybody that truly likes it, although the faux fondant is a great alternative. I've had good luck with using that and it seems to taste alot better than actual fondant.
That's awful, I'm so sorry. It's so hard when you can't defend yourself!
Thanks Everyone! You all are so creative, I wil post I picture when I am done!
His wife called and said she wanted a police themed cake, any idea's? I'm stumped! Thanks!
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