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So where is the coupon?
I just bought those yesterday. 
I feel confident about it, I just want them to be enjoyed.  :)
Thanks for all of your responses. I get that the cookies will probably be perfectly fine but the people who get them might be scared to eat them. If you sent a store bought cookie all would feel fine about it. So, is it just a waste to make them? Do you know what I mean?
That is a really cute cookie
Overseas to our troops as well as to some friends in the UK. I would feel better if I was using some kind of natural preservative.    No one knows of any?
I pretty much said it all in my subject. Just looking for natural preservative for cookies going on a long trip. Thanks. 
I use the glaze icing. Love it. Works great for me. 
Thank you for your kind reply. I decided to just make royal icing. I don't like making it though. I was hoping for a easy way out. 
OK... So.... Hummmm.... 
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