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I would think you should be able to just lay the fondant on top and that would work just fine. That's what I would do anyway.
The cake that I made feeds 20 - 30 people. I used a square/rectangle cake big enough for the template ( I made the template from a picture I found on the internet by tracing it onto parchment paper). I placed the template on the cake and cut it out and shaped and formed it from there. I used mmf for the laces and iced it with BC icing. That's it.
It's a carved cake. Thanks everyone
I thought I'd share my hockey skate cake I made today for an order. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I hope they like it. What do you guys think of it?
I've never heard of them going into the cake board itself but I could be wrong. I would just put it through the cakes...not the boards.
Okay, thanks for the replies. As usualy, I wasn't going to charge enough. If I get any orders for a design like that, I'll be charging at least $90 for it. Thanks again
I made this cake a couple weeks ago for a friend's baby shower so it was a free cake. It feed 20 - 30 people and both layers are filled. I was thinking of charging about $75 for this cake but have been told it was a little low and should be priced closer to $100. Everything on the cake was made by me as well and every corner has something on it. I'm in Canada so the pricing might be a little different than there, not sure though. What would you charge for a cake like this?
I trim the sides of my cakes so the cake IS as straight as it looks.
That is an awesome tip! I'm gonna try that for this next order I have this week. Thanks!
Well normally I charge $35 for a basic shape cake that feeds about 15 - 20 people and they're usually not as 3D or detailed as that one was. For example...this Carebear cake was $35.
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