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I wanted to know if anyone has tried using a food dehydrator to make the royal icing dry faster.
I was watching Ace of Cakes last night and swore I saw Duff using red straws. I had never thought of it before last night, and now here it is on Cake Central, that's so funny.
Ahh, now I see it. There are so many things to click on, on these pages it all becomes a blur sometimes. Thanks.
Thank you. I had found one of those recipes and added it to my recipe box but then I couldn't figure out how to get into my recipe box later. I still can't figure that out, but when I look at the recipe link you sent it does show I already have it. Where ever it is that I have it. Please tell me what I need to click on to get the recipes I've saved. Thanks.
Hi. I am trying to do a search for the cake extender recipes. I know we've had plenty of posts on it. I am sorry to say I can't figure out where to search for it. It's driving me crazy. My internet is intermitent which doesn't help. Please send me links for cake extenders before I throw my lap top out the window. Thanks.
The paint bucket sounds cool. You could make your own label that advertized love in some way, or had his name on the bucket.
Oooh, or maybe a dragon, on a coffin, accented with black roses. Sounds like you could have a blast with this cake once you get the design decided.
If you type gothic into the galleries for a search they have some cool ones. Black roses first caught my eye, maybe that and a coffin. At his age that would seem cool, not his destiny as some are fearful of with much older bday cakes.
I the Kraft cooking magazine they made a cake I wanted to try, but haven't yet. They made a chocolate cake torted. The fillings were the frosting and they didn't frost the outside of it. Imagine this....chocolate layer - green frosting with mint flavorchocolate layer - yellow frosting with lemon flavorchocolate layer - pink frosting with strawberry flavorchocolate layer - chocolate frosting with cocoa flavor as the topIt was all done with pastel colors and it was really...
Great job! My daughter and I wanted to go to class together but she's only 10 and I didn't want to spend double the money on all the stuff we'd need. She helps me out occassionally. Some of the daisies done on my wishing well cake were done by her.
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