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I like the cake! I know that it isn't what you had in mind but but I think that it is simple and effective. On another note I know exactly how you feel when people look but don't post it can really kill our confidence.(although I have to confess that I'm guilty of it as well ) Don't worry I know that the next one will go better. P.S. How did the customer like it?
I was watching the "Next Food Network Star" star this weekend and they had to decorate a wedding cake for the contest and your cakes could beat thiers. (I know it made me feel better not being a professional myself) There wasn't one cake there that I couldn't duplicate, and the winner was a very simple cake covered in fondant with small poka dots. So just think you could a better cake than these T.V. contestants!!!!!!!! Hope that makes you feel better!
UUUGGG this is the thing that I hate the most about my mat. When I run it under hot water it acutally curls tighter but I've never tryed laying it out flat too cool. I wonder if that would work? Hopefully someone smarter than me has a great solution.
I'm really new at decorating mostly just for family. I'm finally staring to branch out a little and do some for "cost". Nothing anywhere close to owning my own bakery . Just delivered my second cake and if you don't count how much the supplies cost (because of a stubborn cake I had to bake 3 times before I got it right) I made FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS an hour Yeah for me The best part is the 2 cakes that I have delivered I have been really proud of, not perfect but a...
This cake looks great I wouldnt do a thing to it!!! The wheat looks so delicate, and I LOVE the buttons! The flowers and ribbon on the top finish it out great! Good Job I'm sure everyone will be impressed!!!
Great Cake!!!!! It looks really cool! Great Job!!!
Sweet thanks thats what I thought just wasn't positive. Didn't want to ruin the cake I was making today
Okay I know that I should know this but my brain is being dumb this morning . Can I decorate directly onto MMF with RI? and How long does it take for the RI to dry? TIA for any help you can give!
Your cake looks great! I love that swirl effect how did you do that? Don't you just love it when a cake turns out how you planned
They werent too bad I cooled the cake in the fridge then put a crumb cake on it and put it in the fridge again that seemed to help alot. Also I used the cake extender recipe which makes the cake firmer. I also used the "magic grease" (one part oil, flour, and crisco mixed smooth and brushed on) it really seems to make the cake came out nice and clean. Good Luck Hope all this helps
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