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Thanks for the info. I will be taking a binder with "pick and choose" cakes...although, the credit thing sounds better. I will definatly be speaking with the owner to work out the details.
Is it really considered wholesale? I'm struggling since I'm still in my first months. I really need the business if I want to stay open. I work my ass off 13 hours a day and I barely make enough to pay all my bills. I really need the business since I'm barely in city limits. Mi one knows where we are. I really want to be able to make enough to start paying myself.
So I have a banquet hall who wants to take me on to include my cakes in their packages. Problem is, I don't know how much to discount the cake? My shop has only been open for about 8 weeks and I'm still having to figure these things out. For those of you who work with caters how do you charge?Thanks in advanced for any help.
Thanks for all the advise...I will defiantly be using some of these ideas. I'm sooo nervous. I dull have so much to do.
The building I am renting has only been there for no more than 6 was a restaurant that didn't make it because there were at least 5 others within blocks...u will be paying 1500 a month and it everything is new...9 ft hood, grease traps, 3 compartment sinks, register, credit card machine...everything. at least 15 parking spaces....its perfect. Not sure if I,need to bake a bunch of cakes ready to go for grand opening or just take orders? I have my clients...
It's ready to go...I'm not sure what to do now...I will get my licence and tax id...register my business name...and then what...not. sure how to do my grand opening...
I have been waiting and waiting for over 5 years for the opportunity to open a cake shop....this past week, the opportunity had come and I'm supposed to sign a 1 year contract today....and I'm not ready to
I like it too. I think its unique. Sometimes things that are imperfect are beautiful in their own way, and for me this is one of them.
It is out of city limits. And its close to McAllen, Im in Edinburg, one city away. But i have two and a half acres that i could use to build on. And as far as neighbors, were all family. A total of 20 acres between us.
I just spoke with my local heath department and they told me that if i want to open a small cake shop it Has to be on commercial property. Is this true? All of the forums i have gone through, no one has said anything about the property having to be commercial. I have two acers of land and want to build a small shop but its not commercial and i dont know if i can afford to make it so. So if any of you know i would appreciate the info.
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