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I made a tent cake this summer for a "camping buddy" using graham crackers,royal icing to hold it together and used frosting to cover it, or you could use fondant.lots of other ideas in gallery or Wilton book ,I think 05 or 06.
Look quick, I found Wilton mini-cupcake stands (13 count)at Walmart for $2.24 each,they are black( and on sale for Halloween) but a quick spray of paint and you could match your tablescape.Craft Shows are crazy but in the long run fun,all the hints you have so far are great,Find what works for you and run with it.oh yeah, have some napkins around or baby wipes (cut into 4)if you offer any samples, the moms will love you for it.
My friends and I have a craft business also,Go for the bigger Booth,Have help, Standout, (different color tablecloths,GREAT IDEA,love blue)use a small tree,deco with cookies wrapped and hung to display, Bring a dummy cake (holiday theme),use different levels to show off.BUT 1. Know ahead how many orders you can take 2. Have brochures and cards (if you think you have enough GET MORE) 3. Bring a book of cakes and cookies in differnt tins,wraps etc, (then use...
I used a box mix (1) or you can use your norm, and BC. You could use any filling, and fondant would be fine,if you so choose. Don't tell DF about Choc Mousse, or that will be this years cake. lol
Have one and love it, from the very first try the choc. cake came out, filled with choc Ice Cream and Choc. BC .my friend is a chocoholic.Enjoy it.
Pour and fill pan is great, but you can use any pan lined with cling wrap and freeze then remove and add to your cake. I do one with a whipped BC and or whipped cream and keep cool until its serving time, works great...
I have the pans, You just pop the top of choice into the ring pan grease and bake, If you want to just use the insert, I would bake in the ring with enough batter to cover the insert only, trim off excess and add to a seperate cake.Good Luck, But for the record I am 47 and bought the pans myself,I really am getting old!!! j
Yes you can bake both together,I put a piece of foil in the middle until I am done pouring in both batters.Then remove foil to bake.The middle will be a blend of both but it will not run together thruout the whole cake.Good Luck.
I agree with what your saying, I have done 3 wedding cakes. 3 shower cakes and 2 birthday cakes , and then the friends wanted me to do one for myself.BAH HUMBUG, but Seeing that I had extra batter from a wedding cake made a small one, but next time I will use your saying.Thanks for the laugh, and the ideas for tired bakers...
From Northern Il, My Walmarts will NOT let us buy edible prints, I have found,that "" will do it and my turn around was 1 week.
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