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My Walmart had some.sorry do not remember the price.
doudoun, Yes I work, in home daycare for 8 children range is 7mo to 10 years, will add a 4 month old the first of the year, I also have a craft business with friends (summer only) and help bartend on the weekends for a friend, so all my spare time is crafting ,caking and babysitting, for fun its softball April thru Oct. oh yeah, the loves of my life, 7 Grandkids (1 is 1 month old,my Christmas present)and 3 sons and 2 DIL's
Good Afternoon, for the forms you could try the wilton site, or really I find that the sugar cones work really well and hold up better.Anne
OhMyGoodies, thank you for the link to "CountryKitchen" I just ordered the presses for myself.I make a lot of sheet cakes and find that marking them to be a hassel and PITB,This is a toy I have been waiting for,THANK YOU THANK YOU As for your post, I use 3 mixes and at least 3 batches of BC depending on the deco, so I usually make 4 and frost cupcakes for daycare if there is any left.Thanks again for the link, Anne
Hi, I had to count them up but came up with this list...8 full sheets2 half sheets2 1/4 sheet4 3 tier (6,8,10")1 2 tier (9"+ 10")2 9" hearts 1 10" rd1 8" square1 6" smash cake2 single (6,8,10")2 3-d's duck & bear1 Football1 Barn & Silo40 cupcakes2dz NFSC(PAID) 43 cakes, add cupcakes and cookies paid totals 107this does not include about 1 cake or 2 dz cupcakes a week for my daycare, not paidwow I was busy,YEAH!!!
I just bake and cool then with any filling or thin frosting in deco bag, I pipe in the filling, a # 3,or 4 work fine for me, 3 holes per cake and easy pressure don't blow out the sides of the cupcake.Good Luck.
I found my @ Old Time Pottery, but any cake store or Craft store(at least by me, carry them) They are a Wilton set and when I bought them (when??? last year the year before) they were $8.00.There are a lot of cookies (20) and it make for a great presentation either on a Christmas plate or on a cake stand.My daycare kids decorated one last year and then we had the fun of eating it.
Hey there, I dug up my cookie tree kit and the instructions are for 2 of each size, regular sugar cookie dough ( gingerbread,rice krispies) and it shows the trees decorated , green with white "snow icing" ,all white decorated as snowflakes, red bow on top, and rice krispies with sprinkles.All 3 use royal icing to "glue" together.I am making them for my "group" and putting them in buckets with small cookies & candies around them. tied up with cello-paper and ribbon.In my...
If this pan is from Wilton you can go to and they have instructions for all the pans they make.Good Luck.
For a fall cake with a Turkey I would go for gold,yellow,browns,oranges burgandy,or red. This I think are the most common colors.
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