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Hey there, Well lets see if I can help..1. Cake was not cooled enough, then 2nd one was cooled to long.use a cake release,(Walmart sells itback by cake supplies) or look onsite to make your own. If you do not want to use the release,crisco the bottom then flour 2 tbs or so, shake out the extra and throw out.if you have any shine use a finger and reapply crisco and use more flour.2. Look onsite for the crusting buttercream it really is not to sweet3.Even layer can be baking...
Hi, I used the Football pan for a B-day party feeds up to 12 (good size pieces) put on the B-day girls Fav team, VIKINGS(the pic of the head) gel transferAs stated you can put it on a 9 x 13 decorate as a field, or as I did , a piece of green and white striped wrapping paper,covered with saran wrap, and piped on the #'s with a 50 in the middle.Have fun.Anne
Dear Friend,My roommate says all stupid people are "job security" 911 dispatcher.You can not ,I repeat CANNOT help them ,there are beyond all control, and I agree,If we could only LOCK THEM UP, the world would be a safer place.So transport yourself here to CC and we will help you overcome your STUPID PEOPLE problem, someone always has someone dummer than ours, LOL Good Luck and keep venting,Anne
Hi there, I do use the tinted piping gel, But I do not tint underneath, However I only have used "water" on white or a light blue cake.Ocean huh? I want to go too...!!!
Like all the others, WELCOME, your clay figures are great, I LOVE THE GREEN SNAKE, I wish you best of luck kiddo and enjoy something you can do with joy your whole life.
How about a #39 nascar chasing a #40 around a track.. with a girl at the finish line with the checkered flag,you could have cars numbered 38 and down behind to fill out the field.
a friend told us that "every minute past 39 is closer to 40"How about a #39 being chased by a larger #40.Or if he exercises, the saying "chasing 40 is exercise enough"that is funny, at least I thought so when I did that to a friend at 49 turning 50....maybe not so funny for me in a few years Good Luck,Anne
Good morning,How about a marquee within a theater anouncing "now showing SUPERBOWL" Perhaps a tier cake with many movie icons, reels of film,candy,playbills,with draping like the velvet curtains of the old theaters.Or a tier with the drapes and then a marquee with the anouncement of "Superbowl"Good luck and I hope you get more suggestions.Don't forget to post...OH YEAH GO BEARS
Maybe try adding some extra flavor, vanilla,almondJust a thought
Really simple...Make a round/square cake ice, and add cookies around the edges, The gingerbread cake would be easy with a cookie, mix in a few trees and impressive and each child (or young at heart) can have a cookie, Bring along the extra cookies.I find that the simplest cake looks better and more impressive by staging , put a pretty cake on a great cake plate, and you get a WOW factor of 10 Good Luck and Merry Christmas, Anne
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