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there is one in the wilton yearbook 2007 page 12, or use the pin prick method and a color book pic and place on top of a sheet cake.
Do you have the SORRY game, maybe after making round cookies you sould pipe on the shape of the game piece or the wording Sorry,on the top. The colors are red,green,blue,yellow.HTH. good luck. Anne
Well not at this moment but, I have to cross cakes,(my 3 mo old granddaughter Abbi's) 1 football cake (GO BEARS) all in the freezer I need to make 4 dz cupcakes tonight and will need all of them decorated and delivered on Sunday.I have a 2 tier square? Tinkerbell birthday w/ smash cake and a 50th Anniversary 3 tier and 1 full sheet cake due the following Saturday and Sunday, BUSY TIME FOR BAKING..... YEAH ! ! ! I promise my comp.minded son will help me post pics soon.....I...
look on the home page of CC there is a link to making fairies.
Use a color book for both winnie the pooh friends as well as a star wars book and trace out and over trace to dress up all you friends, pinprick method,FBCT or trace onto you cake and fill in all methods would work for a great cake.Good luck and know you can figure it out...
I ice then stack , do any detail work on the cake when it is all together and pipe on borders last. Hope this helps.Anne
I would "dress up" Winnie as Darth, helmet, cape and light saber.
Is the Dolphin pan 3-d?Reguardless can you set it on the tail? dowel the tail and middle section and cover the dowel with a "wave" of fondant or make the wave out of royal icing.hopes this helps, in my mind it works... Anne
What is the overall theme, can you do a centerpiece cake with cupcakes around it for the children, then you could do the main cake for the grownups with a touch more flavor and decorations, and the cupcakes plain BC for the kids. It would not take away from the main cake but become part of the design.Anne
What I am looking for is a design from the late 50's.My friends mom can not remember her cake (I know wierd huh?) , She thinks they just had a sheet cake, But I would love a wow factor,and to show off a little on this one.And yes Iam one of thoses who do not have pics loaded yet,because I am computer stupid,oops: when my son has a chance he will walk me thru it and I can scan some and go direct from my Christmas new digital camera. Thanks in advance for all the help, Anne
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