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I just got the new book today at my local cake shop...WOWI can see the orders for 8 birthday cakes comingjust from my daycare kids. They pick now for the rest of the year and next.Enjoy it.Anne
what did you make the lid out of? that will help a lot
Maybe you could look up the Navy Seal picture, and FBCT it on the cake with Happy B-day under it.And use a lot of good ole red white & blue.
Thank you all for your ideas, it has been way to long since I was at a roller rink.Cupcakes calling from the oven, Thanks again..Anne
For a 25th anniversary I need a roller skating theme cakeOne problem is the wording.I know there is an "all skate"is there a phrase for pair skating, or is it (yikes) called "'Pair Skate"??I came up with ,"still pair skating after 25 years"Is this sound good enough?Any input, please.Never met the couple but daughter thinks that a theme cake is fun.Thanks in advance,Anne
Just had the same thing happen to me...Told my friend that I took the papers off so she would not have the kids leaving wrappers all over her houseWHY?? I do not know why the wrappers pulled apart from the cake, it has never happened to me before.But the dipping in Chocolate is a good idea if you have time and your client is okay with it.
I use the candy melts and the thickness depends on the size of the picture. Just go for at least 1/4" thick so that you can pick up the transfer.I use a color book or a ready made pic, not so good and the free hand thing.Good Luck, Anne
Thank you all for the advice, We really do know things about everything don't we?? I think I will use the "dr cherry" in the filling and in the icing, (was not sure if I could sub liquor for liquid).With a white cake ,the color should be good and well loved for the bar party.As for the Pina Colada flavor, I think I need that for myself,Blended.I have done 3 birthday cakes and 1 wedding cake this week and A shot of anything sounds goodTHINK SPRING , Anne
HELP I have an order for a "booze flavored cake" The girls love beer, cherry schnapps and pineapple flavored shots, any ideas about incorperating any actual liquor or oils into the cake or frosting itself???Please let me know, Thanks you, Anne
All the kids cakes I do(for kids only parties) , Do not have fillings, most children do not like the taste of any filling and only ask for "MORE FROSTING". If there is a adult/kid party and more than 1 cake I would fill for the adults with flavor and frosting for kids. I also have never filled a character pan, so I can not help you there.Anne
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