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I made the one from Wilton,I made the roof out of gingerbread, but graham crackers would work with extra royal icing to hold it all together.The railing I made out of Royal icing (black) and let it dry very well and even when some pieces of the spindles broke it only made it look better.Good luck, Anne
Yes that should be more than enough.2 x 2" slices 54 servings
Cold water instead of cold juiceOr I use blue gel for water.Hope it works for you.
Yes I think you can in my area we have "Autum on Parade" and you could with ease sell anything food, and cute at a $1.00 price tag.Go for it and good luck, make enough.Anne
Wonderful site, You are very good and the site is very clear and to the point.My only question is on the "about us" page the word adult is mis-spelled.adoult.easy fix.Other than that WOW!!!Good luck, Anne
I think they look great, and yellow is my fav color
When you mix in your purple color into the white, do not knead all the way, Maybe this will give you the look you want. Good Luck, Anne
Other than McCormicks liquid color in neon greenI do not know of lime either, I guess I need the same help.HELP!
Thank you.
Does anyone have a filling that is the flavor of "cheesecake"A client wants this for her wedding cake.She had it once before and said that it was rich and thicker than pudding but not as dense as a cheesecake itself.Any help??Thanks in advance,Anne
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