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Hi CC,I have a potential client that I can not help and told her I'd refer another decorator in the area-She was going to pay me well, I just have a conflicting schedule and am not licensed- Wedding is Oct11(sunday evening) in Dallas, for a bridal cake for 75 and a grooms cake for 25ppl-Please respond if you are legally licensed and interested- Let me know your web address as well so I can pass it on to her-Thanks!
sunshinekim, try this one
thanks. i made the cake this morning...used 9 and 1/2 kit kats. i didnt recieve notices that you both had responded... thank you anyhow!
oops sorry i am tired. here is the recipe link
i'd pour it if its not a "decorated" cake. but then you'd need either buttercream or whipped ganache below it to prep the surface. vanilla swiss meringue buttercream is good under ganache
here is a recipe for coconut pecan filling that is used in german choc cake, its really good. just omit the pecans and you have a thick gooey custard like coconut filling. i'd do coconut or dark chocolate cake and a dark choc ganache glaze.
oops, i was thinking of almond joy. none the less, either sounds delicious!
I would make a coconut cake, with dark chocolate ganache and toasted crushed almonds between the layers. YUM!!!!!!!! i dont have a coconut cake recipe, but i'd experiment with toba garretts yellow cake (i use it all the time- its delicious- google recipe) by adding shredded coconut and extract to the batter.
i forgot....amaretto buttermilk cake w/ vanilla espresso swiss meringue buttercream. how could i forget that one?
i usually use swiss meringue buttercream....
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