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HAHA, I meant the falling off the cake from over whipping didn't sound good, I hadn't yet seen your post sangriacupcake. Thank you for the idea of trying whimsical bakehouses' icing, I will give it a shot.
Well that doesn't sound good. I think I'm going to err on the side of caution and tell them if I do it it has to have buttercream. they always have the option to go with someone else.
I just got a request from a wedding coordinator for a two tierd cake iced in a light whipped icing. I'm assuming she means Pastry Pride which makes me want to tell her to call Costco. I haven't used pastry pride much but I can't image stacking it without it squirting out from the card board base.Is this possible to do and how do you do it?
Due to a recent family tragedy, my creative juices are just not flowing. I need to come up with a design for a friends wedding in 2 weeks. They want white, black, white tier with accents of purple and an ethereal look. It is an indoor/outdoor wedding and the flower girl will be wearing fairy wings. Can anyone give me some ideas???? Iw ould really appreciate some help.
3/4 C Veg. Shortening1 1/2 sticks of butter, at room temp3 Tbsp. champagne4 1/2 C Powdered SugarBeat shortening and butter until combined. Add the champagne. Slowly add the powdered sugar and beat until smooth. If necessary, add additional champagne to achieve spreading consistency.
On the video, she place her gumpaste cutouts (after taking them out of the freezer) and place them on a barely damp papertowel. That made them pliable again so she could place them on her cake and still be able to move them around before pressing into place.
Can you post a link to this video, I can;t seem to find it on his site.Thanks
Thanks all for advise, I have switched to the fondant with tylose and that seems to be working better, but I actually think i may have been rolling it too thin. I just did another one and although it cut beautifully, parts of the design broke off when taking the excess fondant off of the mat. I was useing my KA pasta machine and rolling to 6. This time around I'm rolling only to 5 and see if that works better. I'll let you know.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting so fusterate that I am ready to give up on the cricut and i spent way to much money to consider that. 4 of the last 5 attempts to cut my design has resulted in the gumpaste tearing on the mat, getting caught under the blade and ripping the design. Is my gumpaste to dry???? Any ideas???????????
The ones with sour cream are more dense for stacking, carving and covering in fondant.
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