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I like the rose it looks awesome! pghritchie does the koolaid being added change the flavor to make it taste like strawberry or cherry? Smckinney07 I really don't have much time I need it in a few days. Thanks all for the help.
I guess I do have some Americolor in the squezze bottles I thought I just had the Wilton gel. How much black would I put with it. Do u know what shade of red I would need to get Crimson red when adding the black? Someone told me they thought crimson red had a purple tone in it. I guess maybe the black mixed with the red would create a purple effect.
Where do they sell Americolor? I have never heard of that. I usually buy the Wilton coloring. I have only got Red Red, No taste red and burgundy. I have nevr tried Americolor because I have never heard of it. Where can u buy it at?
Can someone please help me! I have searched everywhere and cannot find a chart that will let me know how I can get the color crimson red. I need to put icing on some cupcakes in a couple of weeks and they have to have crimson red icing on them. Can someone out there hep me figure out what colors to mix together to obtain this color?
Does anyone out there have a good chocolate chip cookie recipe? I had one but for some reason they just want to spread out more than they used to. I would like a recipe where the cookies stay thick while baked. I hate it when the cookies spread out and get real thin. Does anyone have any good thick chocolate chip cookie recipes?
I hate to sound stupid but what is the SPS System. I have only made a couple other wedding cakes and one was in a class so I'm really not familiar with this system. Does anyone know where I can find out about it? Also what can I put under the cake boards so the board will not stick to the icing on the cake beneath it. I heard you can put powder sugar or coconut between the board and the cake has anyone done this before and will it work?
I made the cake for a friend who was very understanding. I have never made stacked cakes before and tried using a smaller dowell in the middle of a small rocket cake I made for my neice and it didn't seem strong enough to support it. My husband suggested using a larger dowell he thought that it would support it better since it was a much larger cake. I used smaller dowells inside of the cake under the cake boards to help support the weight. I did take a picture of ir and...
PLEASE HELP DESPERATE, I just made my second wedding cake yesterday and may never make one again. She wanted a 16 inch square filled with bavarian cream at the bottomw , I put a 12 inch round cake filled with raspberry filling and a 8 inch sqare cake at the top filled with bavarian filling. I put all cakes on cake boards and put them on a heavier solid board. I put a 1/2 inch dowel down through the middle through the cardboard cake boards and into the solid wood base to...
I have a request for a 3 tier cake using fondant. I have only made one small cake using fondant and was wondering if anyone out there could tell me how the layers are stacked so that they hold together. I know that I can use dowels in the cake before I put on the fondant but how do I attached the second and third cake to stack them so they do not fall? Does anyone know where I can find instructions on this to help tutor myself through this? Any help would be greatly...
Does anyone have any ideas how to decorate a full size sheet cake for someone who will be 60 years old and is also retiring. She is a avid reader. They would like it to be decorated in pastel color flowers. I do not know how to decorate it for a avid reader who is turning 60 and retiring. Any ideas I could sure use some help.
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