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That's where I had ordered mine, but at the time it was $75.00.  It is the greatest ever.  I had to make over 600 cookies for my daughter's wedding and I couldn't have done it without the Dobord (I made her the little "cookie cakes".    The delivery was very fast.  I was very happy with them.  I also use it for pie crusts.  I love the Dobord - just wish it was a little bigger!   Hope this helps.
I have made the Crumb Boss Italian Cookies and they are just like the italian bakery! I moved to PA from NY and boy do I miss the italian bakeries! But it is delicious. Give it a try.
I used to be able to get recipes but the amount of stars they have but I can't see that any more. Also, when I make a recipe, how do I rate it? Maybe I am missing something?Thank you.
Thanks, guys, it was just a thought. I basically knew the answer, but was hoping I could give them a little different look. Back to the scoop!
I was wondering if I put the chips in my food processor for a second or so and then put them in my dough, do you think I can use my cloth pastry bag and large tip? Or would they just get stuck? I love the pastry bag, it's so fast.
Yup, it's out there. It's made by Pinnacle. It's delicious - there's plenty of drink recipes on their website. There's chocolate whipped, cake flavor, cherry, gummy, etc. I just tried it in vanilla cupcakes and frosting. Delicious - you really can't taste the vodka, it just seemed to enhance the vanilla flavor.I thought maybe someone had stumbled upon this vodka before me!
I just bought the vanilla whipped and chocolate whipped vodka and was wondering if anyone used them in their cakes or icings. Thanks.
Melanie - 1221 -What kind of italian cookies do you make for your cookie trays? I usually bake pignoli, biscotti, anise cookies and of course struffoli.Does anyone have an italian butter cookie recipe?
melanie,I would also love to receive your recipes! Thank you.Phyllis
Thanks so much - I'm also guessing I bake it at 325? I'm sure it will take awhile to bake.
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