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Good for you! Is your friend really a friend because true friends don't take advantage of each other. Another suggestion for you so that she could have a reality check is to make her order and purchase everything for this "grand" cake so that she could really see how much things cost. I am frustrated with her for you.
Omg I love this
I was wondering why would she want a large top tier unless she is using it as a cupcake stand or using it to display something, it seems that it would be squatty. Honestly if I wanted something grand I would go tall. But from what you say she is being cheap. Why would she think that it would be cheaper to get a 12, 14, and 16 in. cake than 30 cupcakes. It bothers me when people are hagglers, she is trying to get from you eat she couldn't get from a bakery, especially at...
I just did one this weekend. It was a 3 tier and the top was a tree with roots on each tier and the leaves had some of the older family members. I had the family name on the top the middle tier said family reunion and the bottom tier said our roots run deep. It didn't come out as well as I'd liked it too (too many issues with different parts of it) but they all loved it. The tree was made out of RKTs.
I thought the same thing too!
No I definitely don't think your overpriced! The cookies I would charge approximately 3 each for a total of 90, for the cupcakes about 60 depending on the design. We are already at 150. Did you order the dummies special for her? With that if she wants a show stopping display she has to be willing to pay the cost. If she wants to cut costs let her get rid of the dummy cakes.
While I am waiting for my daughter to color some fondant for me I have a question that I hope you all could help me with... I have no idea how I am going to decorate this cake... Other than having a tree on top of a 3 tier cake with a banner that has the family reunion written on it, what else could I put on it? Right now it's so plain.
I actually have something to work on. I am in the middle of making a tree to go on top of a 3 tier cake for a family reunion on Sunday. I have to drive 5 hrs with it. My rkt's are giving me a hard time. I made 2 batches but its not enough, but I don't feel like going to Walmart to get more supplies so I will fill it in with fondant and hope it holds up. I used 14gauge wire so will see.
I have transported stacked cakes before and will be doing it this weekend. My trip too will be 5 hrs. I think you have various answers is because of the method in which people stack their cakes. I have used the sps as well as the boba tea straw/dowel method. I prefer the sps because it seems more sturdy but another thing to think about is that maybe people don't because you don't have to be as concerned driving with an unstacked cake as supposed as because of a difference...
I would put them in first and then wrap. If I tried the other way knowing me I'd mess up the icing.
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