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True, for some however the weekly cost of renting a commercial kitchen was $150 less than the monthly lease amount. That is backwards but it is what it is.
For me it was done on-line and they had only 2 kitchens. As far as the time went if you signed up for that time you pretty much were going to have to pay for it whether you used it or not. Each owner had a pass card that unlocked the door which of course the owner of the kitchen could tell who was in there and for how long. Sorry Jason for you it may be cheaper to rent a commercial kitchen but like I said, for me, I have crunched the numbers and renting the kitchen at...
It can vary greatly. The one I was using started at 25 per hour and it was reduced based upon if you used it between the hours of 10 pm and 6am and if your weekly hours went up. Honestly it was a lot of money and most of the bakers that worked there had minimum orders. Yes, I was in the red and yes it was very discouraging. There are others that I have seen that pay 10 hourly. Where I live now, there isn't a cottage food law and I have been looking for one and have found...
Most definitely . You can carve them from strofoam but its much easier if you purchase them. Just do a Google search with the keywords cake dummies. There are several companies out there.
Most definitely all of my display cakes are and would be dummies!!! That is strange that a cake dummy has gone bad.
If you were anywhere near me I would sign up in a heartbeat!!!
Yes that could be a problem! However if the op puts in caged storage units that could be locked it would help alleviate the problem. Also cameras would be good too. The shared commercial kitchen that I used to work at didn't have locked storage, however she had security cameras. We all had to label our ingredients. I see the biggest problem could be with a shared kitchen wouuld be your refrigerated items.
It will work if you use a crusting cream cheese icing. The main thing is to make sure that it is firm enough hold up to the weight of the fondant.
It sounds good to me!! I wish I had a cake decorating store near me!
It depends on a lot of factors... to begin with how much are your ingredients to produce your orders, how long will it take to decorate them, your supplies needed ie your liners, your clean up supplies etc, Then you have to add in how much you want to make per hour, plus your overhead, ie insurance electricity, plus how much profit to make which is usually 20-30 after you add in all the other. Honestly we can't tell you how much to charge because no one else knows how...
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