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Cake looks great and I am so happy for you being legal!!!
I was just thinking about this again especially when someone mentioned wine and cupcakes. I have seen wineries host tasting parties and they charge for them. I was just looking in my area for things to do and they are having a taste of the area with different chefs and its 60 if I remember correctly. So 2 in not a whole lot of money,
Carolinagirlcupcakes, I am in the same boat that you are to an area and don't have friends to try cakes. I am also on a community forum but I would be afraid to post for a tasting! So hats off to you for that. I have seen people doing scentsy , (all of those party type businessess) open houses so maybe you could do that with them to sell a sample box.ETA: one more thing honestly $2 is not even enough to cover the cost of the boxes so you may want to...
What about a chalkboard in the shape of a cupcake? Cut out the board from wood and use the chalkboard paint from lowes or home depot, etc
I think it's 1 to 2 tsp per pound. I never measure I just add some and go by feel.
Are you sure you are talking about cake central and not a store? I did a search of dragees and pearls and this is what I came up with
Here is the link to Michelle Foster's Fondant recipe.
I have seen chocolate marshmallows so you could sub it for the regular marshamllows if you make mmf. If you make Michelle Foster's Fondant you will have to look at one of her versions that adds chocolate to it. I have tried it but haven't been able to master the chocolate version, white chocolate yes but the milk/dark no!! It causes me pain LOL.
I hope that I am understanding you correctly but if you click on the photo gallery tab and click on each category you will see more than 1 row and column on each page. It kinda sounds like your computer isn't displaying properly.
That is what I exclusively do, so yes it can be done!!!
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