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Unfortunately, unless you can get an older disc of one of the softwares. I know the silhouette is the machine that is still compatible.
I don't like the taste of alcohol so I don't use it in baking. I haven't had a customer ask for anything with it so....other than painting no, although I like the thought of offering a non-alcoholic variation to many of the mentioned flavorsc
I'd lightly spritz somee water and then adhere the fondant to the dummy. I wouldn't use any buttercream as the dummies would move all over the place. I made a 4 tier dummy cake and I didn't need any supports, besides I would dislike to have to put supports and listen to the squeaking as I am putting them in. As far as the buttercream being out it would depend on the temp of the room. I use a butter based buttercream and I sit them out all of the time. How long are you...
Great I didn't need to see another thing that I want!!! lol
yes you can get the cartridges, try I bought elegant cakes for 10 when Michaels was getting rid of all of their cricut cake stuff and a set of mats for 2. I wish they had more but oh well. I can't say it was worth it yet because I haven't used it yet but I am sure at that price when I do it will be well worth it. Honestly I use sure cuts a lot because I don't have to have the cartridges but unfortunately with provocraftt suing them it's not longer...
For the cake itself to sit on I use foam core cute to size covered with press'n seal but for the decorative part I use again foam core usually 3 for the thickness and sometimes like someone suggested cover with scrapbooking paper and then with contact paper (so the oil from the cake doesn't soak through. I sometimes use fondant. I also have seen someone that used fabric and clear shrink it basket wrap. It all depends on how I want the overall design to look.
Gilbey's Vodka- for painting
What about adding a tbsp of oil just before you put it in the oven? You could try putting a simple syrup on the cupcakes as soon as they come out of the oven.
I am glad it went well!
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