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I think she has 3 children... twins plus 1, for her.
I am just adding some peppermint andes that I found at Walmart in the baking section to the batter and a sprinkling a few on top. Easy Peasy !!! It's a family project so I have to keep it simple!!!
me too!
come on in lurkers!
I know it's not the point of the thread but......52 dz cake pops. I'm sure you were swimming in them and dreaming about them by the time you were done!
I am not working on any cakes tonight but I am figuring out what I am going to bake tomorrow for some Christmas treats that I am giving for gifts for my neighbors! I know that I am making some cake pops, peppermint brownies, toffee and I don't know what else yet. Anyone have any suggestions????
is called to order. Who's up? Whatcha workin' on?
Ok I will do! Yes they are chocolate. I had to turn on panel around because each one had a letter on it, to allow me to personalize it! I think its a mold by ck.
Sure I will do it! It's 10 pm EST, right! Oh I posted the pic of the cake!
I haven't been on the fncc for a bit but I am working on a baby shower cake in turquoise brown and white. It has a blanket draping over the top and baby blocks that spell the baby's name with assorted fondant baby paraphernalia on the sides, onesies, bottles, bibs, etc and polka dots. I am almost finished but I don't have a glue on the type of font to do for the name. I only have the funky alphabet tappits and it seems a little too feminine. I could sure use some...
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