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I have used sparkling apple cidar and it works just fine.
interesting read!
Don't forget that all of your utensils and the bag should be grease free.
There are several things that come to mind that may help: Since you said that they are nice and fluffy when you take them out of the oven, this may sound dumb, but check to make sure that they are done. Check the height of your cake pan. Not all cake pans are 2 in. in height so that can definitely contribute to the shortness of the cake. Do you use straight box mix or a dr. box mix. I noticed that when I use to use straight box mix 1 box wasn't enough for a 9 in...
I just finished reading this whole thread and trust me Alabama is not the only state with that problem!
Try using dark chocolate and you can always add brown food coloring if you want it darker.
here is a chart to help you figure the pan sizes:
what about doing a 2 part one for the glass and the other for the stem?
Here is one :...
Do you have the manual? Try that or when you installed the drivers on your computer there should be something in there that would help you
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