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This puts me in mind of a sign my sister has posted in her tanning salon..."Unattended children will be given complimentary espresso and a puppy."
I'm making a cake for my BIL's 40th birthday. My sis wants it to represent him always talking about 'knocking on 40's door." So she wants a doorway on top with a figure of him bursting through the door, to a cliff on the other side. I'm doing a 2 tier cake so I can make one side of the door a drop-off, but I can' figure out how to do the doorway. I want to make it big, so it will delineate the cake (all green and flowers on one side, all dark and gloomy on the other),...
If you're referring the the fall themed cake in your pics, I think it's lovely just the way it is! I don't see that it needs anything more. Great job!
It will be fine to sit out until tomorrow. Unless your filling and/or frosting requires refrigeration.
If you're using buttercream, you can just frost with a red/brown frosting, then pipe on black or white lines to show a brick pattern. I did this on the Mario cake in my pics. If you're looking for something more polished, I'd go with the fondant impression mat.
I love Satin Ice, but I don't even touch sugar when I'm trying to roll it out, it sticks to everything! Try rolling it out with shortening, as PP mentioned, or cornstarch. I usually just use corstarch when I'm working with small pieces, figures or whatnot, but the fondant won't absorb it the way it does with sugar. I love the shortening trick the best, you have to spend less time working with and it won't dry out. Clean up is a mess, though.
He wants the X lying down on the cake, but raised up. Thanks for the suggestions, the idea of frosting a bunch of cut edges on a chocolate cake is giving me nightmares.
I'm making a cake for my nephew's birthday this weekend. He wants a 'rebel' flag. Not a design I would choose, but it's not my birthday, right? Anyway, the big problem is he specifically asked me to make the 'X' on the cake 3D, like have that part carved out of another cake and standing up off the background of the flag. I can't even begin to figure out how to make this look halfway good. Flags are not 3D, why would you make a flag cake like that? Any ideas on...
There's a really good topsy turvy tutorial on this site. That should get you started. I'd imagine there are some videos on youtube as well. Good luck!
Lost one myself this week. She wanted something to serve 50, gave me 4 days notice, acknowledged and apologized for the short notice (I work a full time day job, cakes on the side). I agreed to do it, gave her a price, she said 'great, thanks, blah blah,' then came back to me 2 days later saying they'd canceled the party. I had the gut feeling that it was the price, and she just didn't want to admit it. She later posted online pics of the party and I noticed a 9x13...
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