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try using pure vegetable shortening but you hav to increase your gum.It heiped me sometime.GOOdluck
your cake is quite fine your borders quite surprisng for a beginer.You did well.In haste to see more .FROM BLESSNG
Thanks Missey but what do you mean by boxed cake ? goodbye
Thanks mrs Missey pls send the recipe let me try.
Hi friends, Somebody out there help me with a recipethat can produce a fluffy bouncy cake.I mean a cake that is just like a 'sleeping foam' but no holes on cuttingthe cake.thanks blessing
hi Maggie, Try using lime water and gelatine only and see the result.Goodluck Blessing
Thanks for your care Jackie.I love you.Continue, we are with you. We long to see more cake ideas.Greetings from Blessing.
Also check Wilton`s 2000 year book for recipe on home made fondant .I personally have my own recipe as thus 1 satchet gelatine to 2 packets millers icing. 40mls water(boiled) 1 tablespoon glucose syrup 1 teaspoon glycerine 3 drops immitation vanilla essence METHOD Pour boiled water into a cup stir in the gelatine until dissolved Add the glucose,glycerine, vanilla and ...
I feel you did not use the right confectioner's sugar or eggwhite is too much check them.A little lemon liquid may give you a diferrence.I usually use them with good result.
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