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Thanks for the ideas ladies! You've given me better ideas of what to do... I hope it works
I'm making a wedding cake for a friend of mine, and this is the cake she picked. I think I can handle it, except for one thing... See how where the black is, it's recessed into the cake? Would I just double cover the top half of those layers with fondant so the top is thicker? Or cut away cake there before I cover it (which seems very risky)? I really have no idea. Thank you for any advice you can give, I really appreciate it.[/img]
I know how you feel. Everyone aaround here just wants sheet cakes, sheet cakes, sheet cakes. They know what I can do, but pick an uninteresting sheet cake anyway.*Sigh*I need to start saying "I no makie sheet cakes," like _Jamie_
Sheesh. Some people....
Thatt is one awesome cake! I love how the roses are different shades of red/pink. They turned out so nicely!
awww, Jane, I HATE it when that happens! I'm sure it's not that bad though. Like MizzLizzy said, we are our own worst critic. That's a really great idea you had, I love the picket fence idea! *hugs*
*shaking head*Thank you IndyDebi for saying what I want to say.People who pay for a Duff cake probably buy from them because they want to buy a "celebrity" cake. They aren't paying $2000 dollars for cake and frosting, they are paying for a 'brand name.' I can get a purse from Wal-Mart or I can buy a Coach handbag. They both do the same thing - hold my stuff. But it's a STATUS SYMBOL. These people got a cake that they could tell people they were getting/have gotten a Duff...
Leahs ~ Nope, not just you, square cakes are the bane of my existence. Lol. I just finished a birthday cake, turning in for the night but wanted to see what's up on CC. I saw your other thread over in the Business section, just came here to cheer you on! GO GO GO!!! For my Bday cake, I make a funfetti cake from a box and slap on some canned rainbow chip frosting. Blasphemy. But oh-so good...Good luck to everyone tonight!
Wow, thanks forthwife! I'll have to check it out, and stock up if it's true
Regular price up here in Michigan is over $2 a box. I would would faint if I ever saw it under $1.
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