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Hi-- I have frozen NFSC w/ RI cookies before - individually bagged- without any problems. Now, I need to make up the same cookie WITH an edible image and bag them indivually. Anyone done this without any problems? thanks..
Anyone else had a problem with the edible image sticking? I, too, used Antonia74 RI and applied the image while the icing was wet. My images are sticking to the bag- however, they've only dried overnight. Does letting them dry for a longer period seem to help? Also, does anyone have any thoughts as to what type of material the bag is? I'm using the "crinkly" cellophane. Wonder if using the more plastic type of bag would help?
Has anyone made this recipe (posted by pumpkinwaffles) without using the expresso powder? I'm having a hard time finding the expresso powder locally.
Does your church have a "logo" or something you could use?
Actually, I purchased a scale from the post office for weighing packages for postage. When I decided to try weighing my flour rather than measuring in cups, I just used my postage scale.
Regymusic-- LOVE that avatar..
Debster--I HIGHLY recommend calling the KopyKade technical support before you do a thing with your printer. The person I spoke with was extremely helpful and walked me through the set up. He told me things that were not necessarily on either the Epson instructions nor the Kopykake instructions. Good Luck!
I ordered one of those beater blades that have a little silicone wing attached to the actual beater. This works on my KithchenAid classic model. Also, I use the KitchenAid collar that fits around to top of my bowl. A little flour escapes occasionally but it still works pretty good. I used to have the little unmixed bits at the bottom, too. Between the beater blade and scraping the bowl once or twice, my dough comes out well mixed.
I'm glad to know someone else verified this, too. I was afraid maybe I had misunderstood the information given to me from customer service. Now, I'm very comfortable with interchanging. Thank you, justme50, for posting what you found out.
According to a gentleman I spoke with at Kopykake, you can interchange the cartridges. However, that does not seem to be the consensus here on the CC forums. The tech support at Kopykake made it very clear that the regular Epson inks had to be in the printer for the head cleaning to work properly. I can't think that very much ink from either type of cartridges "contaminates" the other when the ink sprays onto the frosting sheets (or paper). I believe that's how ink jet...
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