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I am wanting to use the recipe titled chocolate ganache 1 which calls for cream, sugar, butter and chocolate... for those of you who have made this I have questions.... Do I use heavy whipping cream/ conf. or gran. sugar, and is it semi or unsweetend chocolate? I want to use this recipe but it doesn't clarify which of those to use... maybe I'm the only one who isn't sure Thanks for any help!
I love these! I may PM you later for info if you don't mind! So cute!
I think I am going to make my spaghetti cake for my son's class -I did it at a family reunion and it was a hit!
I was wondering who among us has been brave enough to ship a cake. I just work out of my home, mainly a hobby, so I have never shipped a cake before. I have a friend who lives in PA, I live in GA, and I want so bad to make her a baby-themed cake and send it to her -as a surprise... question is -how on earth do I do this? I'm not looking to do anything extravagant, I'm thinking a fondant covered round cake with a circus theme -the new baby's room will be a circus theme. ...
To me it seems that people expect to pay "chain store" prices for any type of sheet cake. In my area, they are not willing to pay -except for those who have had my cakes before! I would much rather stick to just wedding cakes or special event cakes -to me -there is not enough money in sheet cakes in my area... they prefer the Wal-Mart nasty tasting cakes with the small price tag -like saving a few $$ justifies serving crap to your guests!?
I'm not sure what to suggest but I would love to see the finished product -be sure to post it when you are finished! Good luck!
My son's school is having a winter carnival -with a cake walk... I want to do something fun -like a spaghetti cake (in my photos)... do you think this would go over well or should I stick to something more traditional? Would love any opinions!
I rarely have a request for a sheet cake filled... it's usually a single layer 2" deep.I like to fill my sheet cakes, it's unexpected so I like to do it when I make them for family or just for fun.
I am so glad you shared the plasticcontainer site, that is great, I think I'll place an order soon.
Thanks everyone!!!!! you are all life savers!
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