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It looks great!!Nicole
I always "glue" mine together with pure vanilla....Just be careful when moving it Nicole
My son entered a cake he is only 5 and had a great time doing it...he was sooo excited to win a metal 'He won the happiest cake in the room award...hahaHe didn't want to go up my himself and get I had to go with him We were the last name Bronwen couldn't pronounce...hahaNicole
I thought the paid demos were great....Marco Antonio Lopez was just unbelievable I attended all of them...and really enjoyed myself & learned alot...Nicole
Thanks bad there were so many of us there and we didn't all meet up I attended the 1 tip challenge...but the mystery cake was during my time at raffle ticket table so I missed it.I peeked in on the wedding cake challenge a few times..but was unable to sit through it...IT WAS SOOOO CROWDED!!The squirel and dog cake was soooooo cute!! I agree that the chocolate pic was really neat....all the ladies in the cake club were talking about how intresting it was...I am...
It was alot of fun I took I will get those posted I also took home 2 metals ..I was so first time entering ever..and my little bunny cake did it Nicole
That looks did a good job on it I love MMF ..that is all I use now Nicole
ROFL...That is great!Nicole
Thats neat...I have never seen it done that way.Thanks for sharing, I might have to give it a try Nicole
I will also be there With digital camera in hand..haha I am entering a cake and cookies also My first time and I am super nervous!!I will be working the front door from 1-2 and the table with aprons from 12-1I will also be at the demos on Sunday Look forward to meeting you girls Nicole
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