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No problem!   I am so glad that it was helpful for your guys! 
Hi,I did a tutorial on my blog on gum paste peacock feathers. you have any questions, feel free to email me. Kate[/url]
If you want a stronger lemon flavor then definitely do a layer of lemon curd. I torte my cakes and I often will do two layers of lemon smbc and a layer of lemon curd in the middle.
Honestly, if the coloring doesn't look anything like the picture the bride gave you I would probably redo it. Brides tend to be a particular about the details and she will probably notice.
I use Swiss Meringue buttercream, similar to IMBC, all the time and I have never had a blow out. Even those times where I have been in rush and have torted and filled my cake and not given it any time to let settle.
I refrigerate fondant cakes all the time with no problems. Sometimes I have condensation, sometimes i don't. It depends on what the weather is like that day. If you don't touch it and let the condensation evaporate, the cake will be fine.
I would probably try to mode them l out of gum paste. That way I wouldn't have to spend money on any molds or cutters.
A true buttercream that uses actual butter is never going to be a pure bright white. They only way to get a pure bright white will be to use crisco and butter flavored extract. The bride is probably going to have to compromise and decide what is most important to her. The look or the taste of her cake. Hope that helps
Ditto. I do the exact same thing. No problems with bulging.
Yes, add the food coloring to the batter before baking. It will turn out fine.
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