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I usually practice a couple of times on wax paper and then sort of eyeball it. However, here's something you could try if you're really having a hard time with it. Make a batch of royal icing, write your message with the royal icing on a piece of wax paper. Allow it to dry and then gently pick it up and place it onto the cake...then you can move it a little bit without any problems!! Valerie
I use a diamond impression mat and have never had any problems with things cracking. Are you using it on buttercream or fondant?? I use it immediately after putting the fondant on the cake before the top surface crusts over. I do have to press on mine pretty hard as well. I usually will place the impression mat on the cake and rub it with my fondant smoother to make sure it's getting pressed evenly. If it doesn't make the indentions as deep as I'd like them to, I go back...
I've made it before and used leaf green and just added small amounts of yellow until it got to the right brightness i wanted. A little bit of yellow goes a long way.Also, if you have access to a cake supply store near you, Americolor makes one called "Electric green" that is a very nice bright lime green color!! Valerie
I agree with PP, I've used buttercream with lemon and vanilla extracts and it was deliciousValerie
I don't have a picture of it in my photos, but my grooms cake was a motorcycle for my DH. We did a big square cake as a bottom tier, and then used a motorcycle pan and decorated it exactly like the motorcycle he rides and placed it on top of the square. We used colormist to spray the top half of the square (on a diagonal) blue for the sky and green on the bottom as well as some green buttercream grass accents. Turned out awesome!!!If you're trying to incorporate the two...
Oh goodie!! I'm so glad this will work. What do you think I should use as a filling for the cake? I wonder what adding rum to buttercream would do. I'll have to try it and see. I was thinking of adding some rum or rum extract to the buttercream and adding some finely chopped walnuts or pecans. What do you think?Valerie
I have a request for a rum cake that is sculpted. I can't do a soggy sculpted cake, so someone suggested using rum extract to substitute some of the water. Could I use bottled rum in place of the water??? Would that do anything weird to the cake? That way I could still get the rum flavor without jeapordizing the integrity of the cake. any thoughts??THanksValerie
I have a request for a rum cake in the shape of a Chanel purse. The typical rum cake is of course completely drenched in rum and butter. I obviously can't drench the outside of the cake. Do you think it would work if I drenched each layer?? Would it hold up to a stand up purse? What should I use as a filling?? Icing flavor? Thanks in advance everyone!!!Valerie
Mine sometimes looks shiney, but it's actually a little greasy looking in person. It's really hot here and I think it's due to the heat and it's actually breaking down the buttercream a little. You can also spray buttercream with luster dusts or disco dusts to give it a shiney appearance.Valerie
The white dots are probably not from not protecting it enough. They happen frequently (especially with the new crisco) with some of the deep darker colors (red, violet, royal blue, black, etc.). For some reason, some of the fat molecules don't absorb the die immediately....good idea to mix up your colors and let them sit for atleast a couple of hours and then remix before applying. That give the die time to set in and deepen more. Just a thought!Valerie
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