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I have to make a whole bunch of Mickey mouse faces for cupcakes this week. I was hoping to make the faces ahead of time and then just place them on the cupcakes at the last minute. If I roll out MMF and cut them out, how long will they stay soft and pliable in an airtight container??? I don't want them to dry out and crack when I put them on the cupcakes and waste all of my hard work! THANKS in advance!Valerie
Do you ever have a problem with the cake wrappers falling off as they thaw out?? I have to do some cupcakes this week and that's the only thing I'm concerned's really hot and humid here. Valerie
I need to bake several orders this week, and one of them is cupcakes. Anyone know how long cupcakes will last once they are iced sitting out at room temp? I'm worried about them getting dried out. The customer is picking them up on Thursday night for a Saturday party as is. I'm just trying to figure out a timeline and how far in advance can I make them and have them still be good?? do you think I could bake them on Tuesday to decorate on Wed?THANKS!!! Valerie
WOW, that's an amazing dragon cake!!! I don't even want to know how long it took you to cut out all those scales!!!Thanks for the ideas. My original thought was to do the head with a ball pan cake, but I'm with you in that styrofoam may be a better option due to the weight! I was thinking about using PVC pipe for the arms and legs, but I don't know how in the world I would attach it to the board! Rice krispy treats might be a good option in that case. Thanks for the idea!!...
Gumpaste alone dries faster and harder than the fondant/gum-tex mix. So, if fast is what you're looking for, go with the gumpaste!! Otherwise, for modeling I prefer fondant/gumpaste mix because it gives you more time to work with it before it starts to dry and crack.Valerie
anyone have any ideas? Am I just out of my mind for coming up with such a creation@?@?Valerie
I have friend who is graduating from college in 2 weeks. We call her the "Tin Man" from wizard of oz so we want to do a Tin Man cake with a yellow brick road. I have this grand idea in my head but I don't know how to make it work!!I want to make a 3D Tin man cake (needs to serve 35-40 people). I was thinking about making him lay down on his tummy and prop his head up on his arms. Then, instead of putting the funnel on his head, put a graduation cap on.
Congrats on the blue ribbons! And just a note about your "rant", I would have been one of those people that would have just opened, looked and moved on. some people may not comment because they don't do cookies. I myself don't do cookies and therefore don't really feel qualified to give a valuable opinion on them for entering a contest. I don't know what the caliber of cookie contests look like to give you an opinion on whether or not to enter them. I do, however, think...
There are ways to make patterns by using an impression mat on the fondant before you put it on the cake. however, that doesn't really look like an impression. It almost looks like they handpainted the pattern on using luster dust (it looks like a shimmer pattern).Valerie
Duncan Hines makes a german choc. cake's pretty decent, if you want to use a box mix. Then, I just buy the coconut and pecan canned frosting to put on it, although I'm sure there is an even tastier recipe for homemade frosting somewhere!!! Valerie
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