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I saw a gorgeous cake on the homepage the other day, and I failed to save it to my favorites. Surely someone else has it saved. It was either a square or rectangular cake with very large reverse shell border (cake was either white or ivory), and it had pastel flowers on it. Unfortunately I can't remember if it was a birthday cake or an anniversary cake. I'm pretty sure it was for a birthday for 2 people. The cake was VERY elegant looking. I remember from the comments that...
It also helps to make sure that the bottom of your cake is on the cooling rack instead of the top. Meaning, flip your cake onto a cooling rack as usual, then place another cooling rack on top and flip again. You know how sometimes the tops of cakes get sort of sticky to begin with. If you're putting the top part down onto the rack it will almost always stick!! Big bummer! i haven't had any problem doing it this way (I also use the ones with the 1/4" grid on them)Valerie
Thanks everyone! I'll propose the lego starwars thing to her (I had never heard of it before CC). I'll also suggest that should could go buy some of the other chunkie action figures to put on as a scene.Thanks for the ideas!!! If anyone has anymore, I'd love to hear more ideas too!
lemon might be nice with the bavarian cream, or just do vanilla and butter flavoring for a neutral flavor.
What kind of filling are you putting into the cake? You could do something to coordinate with it in the icing.Two of my favorites are a combination of butter, almond and vanilla flavorings and the other is creme bouquet (it's heavenly)!!!
The customer wants it to be "chunkie and childlike" but with a starwars theme.Anyone have some good ideas??? Valerie
maybe mix it with some pureed fruit for a light cake filling
Depending on your area, it's hard to get in as a Wilton instructor. I applied here in Houston almost 6 months ago, interviewed and everything. I was told that I would be contacted if an opening came up. No such luck yet!! You get something like a 20% discount off of Wilton when you order online and you get paid per course, not per class, I believe.To become a Wilton instructor, you'll have to go to the Wilton website and apply. they will call you almost immediately (like...
That's a good idea about the saran wrap. I'm going to try doing them a couple of days in advance and cover with saran wrap and put in an airtight container in a dark cool place. Hopefully they will be ok that way.
I've also used regular cocoa powder and then added some brown coloring to the mix to darken it.Valerie
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