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bren28: I thought about that, but, one of the ladies' whom the party is for is the same person that I made that cake for!! I'm thinking about doing a LV purse and a chanel shoebox w/ shoe. I just don't know if I have the time needed to do all of the little symbols on the LV bag! I have an 8 month old at home too. UGH!!
bump for more ideas!!
I need to make a Chanel shoe box with tissue paper under the lid. Any suggestions on the best way to go about doing this. I really want the edges to be nice and straight and sharp corners.Is it easiest to make the lid out of gumpaste and form it over an existing shoe box? What about the box itself?Oh, any suggestions on how to make the tissue paper look really cool would be good too!Thanks for any tips! Valerie
Keep the ideas coming, please! He wants this to be "outstanding" and really have a wow factor. I did talk him into doing some extra cake so I have more options. Course, now he wants two flavors of cake! UGH!
I need to make a cake for a high profile client that incorporates both Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The clincher is that he only needs it to serve 20 people. It's for a surprise party for his wife and friend's 40th b-day.Any ideas on how to incorporate both of these? Thanks,Valerie
anyone else have any ideas?? It can be fun and cutesy or a nice serious cake.
Well, the title says it all.....I do'nt know the gender of the baby yet, but I need a cake to serve 60 people for a BBQ themed baby shower. They want the cake BBQ themed, but also want it to be babyish.I'm clueless where to start with this one....any ideas are truly appreciated!Valerie
I have a wedding coming up this summer. The bride wants white buttercream icing with LOTS of black scroll work. My quesiton is, what is the best thing to use for the scroll work?I had a cake disaster a while back where I used all buttercream and the black bled into the white. Would doing the scrolls in royal icing prevent this from happening? Thanks for any advice you can give!!Valerie
WOW...thanks for all of the responses!! If I add nutella to the ganache, is it going to mess with the consistancy? I need it to set up firm because this is for a 3D cake. Could I add extra choc. chips to compensate for the softer consistancy of the nutella? liquor is out of the question as this is for a small child's birthday cake! But, that was a great idea! Thanks!
Ok, so I know how to make ganache with heavy cream, etc. I have a customer who wants chocolate hazelnut flavored ganache. Is it possible to make ganache using hazelnut coffee creamer instead of the heavy cream?? I was trying to find Lorann Oils for it, but can't find Hazelnut and I need it for this weekend. thanks in advance!!!Valerie
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